How It Works

01   Order

Meal orders must be placed in advanced. Each day has a hand selected menu of items from local businesses and changes weekly. Feel free to get creative if you see something you want more than just once!

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Accept Delivery   02

Delivery Truck.png

Meals are delivered weekdays during a set delivery window. Meals should be placed in the refrigerator as soon as possible upon delivery until ready for consumption. You can then reheat your meal by your preferred method. We recommend heating to at least 165°F for food safety. For the highest quality, we recommend eating your meals within 24 hours of delivery.

03   Enjoy and return to bag

When you’re done enjoying your meal, leave the leftovers in the container, lock the lid, and put the containers back in the bag with the other items. No need to empty or clean them!


Place bag outside   04

Place your bag outside in the morning of your next delivery date. The bag and containers will be picked up and swapped out with your next set of meals. We’ll take care of the rest!

05   Repeat

Start back at step 1 for more delicious food!