About Us

Making food truly sustainable

We believe that food cannot be truly sustainable until we address the social and environmental issues around food. Our goal is to deliver affordable prepped meals that are kind to your wallet and the environment while fueling your body with nutritious and delicious food.

Our Mission

Promote food accessibility and sustainability through transparency and ethical efficiency.

Our Vision

Provide access to affordable and sustainable food to everyone.

Our Story

Environmental and social issues have been at the forefront of our minds throughout our child and adult lives, but we often felt powerless and limited in what we could do about them.


With increasingly complex lives, while we wanted to enjoy it, grocery shopping and cooking felt like a chore. Most days, we felt tired, sapped from our day of work and asked each other "What do we do for dinner today? We didn't have a plan." While we wanted to plan in advance and use up everything in the fridge, there were still times when we miscalculated and bought too much or bought something we didn't have a plan for but thought we could use. Then when it got to our fridge, it ended up hidden at the back where we found it a couple weeks later, moldy and smelly, where it had to go straight to the trash no matter how badly we felt about wasting it.


There were countless moments when we thought to ourselves "there has to be a better way." While meal kits and frozen dinners were options, we either still had to put in the time, sacrifice on quality and health, or pay a high price tag. But it doesn't have to be this way. We found a convergence of social and environmental issues in food that could be addressed concretely and with purpose. So our goal formed: to provide products and services that achieved the environmental and social impacts we desired without requiring extra effort or sacrifices.

Hearth was born.

Our Team

Malte Lange

Malte has had a life-long passion for the environment and social issues. His expertise lies in biochemistry and chemistry, which he is looking to apply to food and environmental problems. 

He is currently leading the vision and sustainability efforts at Hearth.


Gabby Benuska

Gabby's first dream job as a child was to be an environmentalist, studying nature and being an advocate of it. Although she went on to study biochemistry and learned how to be a manager of projects and people, she's now eager to put her skills to use to make a sustained environmental impact.

She is currently leading the marketing and operations at Hearth.